Grandmas Formula This Old Recipe Is Cure For Pregnancy Varicose Veins

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You should chop the carrots finely and place them in the blender. Add the aloe Vera and blend them until you get a nice, smooth, homogeneous mixture. Then, add as apple cider vinegar as needed in order to get a creamy mass.
Store it in a small container which would be easy to use.


You should spread a bit of the mixture on the affected areas on the legs, and relax them, preferably while lifted up, for half an hour. Afterward, wash it off with cold water.

This treatment will provide quick and visible effects, and it will completely treat the issue over time.

Furthermore, massage will also be of great help, especially if combined with this treatment. Yet, do not massage directly on the varicose veins, but begin massaging the feet with the fingers, and slowly move towards the hips, pressing gently, and avoid pressing hard with the fingertips.

For best effect, elevate the legs at a 45-degree angle during the massage, and use some essential oil. You can use juniper essential oil, as it is an excellent local stimulant, as well as cypress essential oil, which reduces fluid retention and helps circulation.

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